An Open Letter to Teachers and Educators


It’s that time of the year again.  Your summer has officially come to a close and you’re no doubt in the process of getting your room together, going over protocol

Suicide Squad approach to Great Teams


I’m one of those people who watches a movie and leaves the movie wanting to be the character in it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed of

What it means to be a Baylor Bear


I’ve sat here recently and watched the internet and television continuously bash, belittle and shame Baylor University.  Unfortunately, we’ve become a society that loves to build people up, only to

Success: The “Chocolate Milk” Way

chocolate milk

I’m privileged to be able to speak to some of the top companies, universities, and athletic teams in the country.  No matter the venue or needs of the success-driven audience

Life is a game of Chess


Though I don’t play it a lot, I’ve always been a big fan of Chess. Reason being is that Chess, to me, simulates our lives. We all have to play

It only takes One


How many of you like to bet or gamble?  It doesn’t have to be in a casino, or for money, but we all make gambles of sorts in our lives. 

The Blank Page: Creating A Masterpiece


The cursor blinks at me as stare at the blank page. What should I write about? What direction should I take this blog in? This chapter, this narrative? Where should

Winning moments from a Losing Interview


Sunday’s Super Bowl had numerous noteworthy stories.  First you had the legendary Peyton Manning, battling back from injury, to win a Super Bowl (in arguably his last game.) You have

Winning Lessons from the Runner-Up

Andy Murray had no answer to the consistency of Novak Djokovic once the Serbian had gained the upper

I’m an avid fan of competition and the art of winning. That being said, I watch all sorts of different sports to study elite athletes competing at the highest level.