It only takes One


How many of you like to bet or gamble?  It doesn’t have to be in a casino, or for money, but we all make gambles of sorts in our lives. 

The Perfect Sunrise

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Early this morning I was leaving the pool after a great workout and had a text from my sister, who had just finished a workout herself.  She sent me the

Need for Speed


It’s often said that great leaders don’t lead from the front; rather, that they sometimes get behind and push from the back. That’s a great idea in theory, but have

Alchemy of Life


Every few months or so I reread one of my favorite books of all time, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Alchemy is an ancient practice of turning basic metals like

Fun with Faith Based Priorities


We all like to have fun, and that’s a good thing. However, I’ve noticed, a lot of people are afraid to make “the jump” into total Christianity and giving their

How to Change the World


When we’re growing up, most of have visions of changing the world, of being that super hero.  As we grow older, we’re faced with real world problems, stresses, and other

Pray Moore (Oklahoma Tribute)


I got really emotional this morning for a number of reasons.  One of my Best Friends, John Martin, who is an Oklahoma Native, released a new song called “Pray Moore”

The Ultimate Goal


“You have to go to God with Positive Expectations and know there is no limit to what He can Accomplish.” – Brittney Hemberger Happy New Year. Here we are a

Life Lessons learned from the Marathon

After a year filled with Triathlons and running events, I decided to end the 2012 race season this past Sunday with a Full Marathon. If you’ve ever ran a full