Do Something (Don’t Shoot)

Listen to the Above Verse from a very talented recording artist, Jhasmin Player.  Really, stop and listen… Now you might say to yourself, “that’s a great song in lieu of the events of the Trayvon Martin shooting,” and you’d be right.  But what if I told you the song was recorded two years ago?

President’s often give a state of the union address to give an overview of our society.  Have you ever stopped to think about what we really are? What have we really become as a nation?

Let’s take a look at it.

First, We have a young man 17 year old African American kid, who was chased down and shot by a man 100 lbs. more than him, and nothing was done.  This wasn’t “allegedly,” this was the 911 call from the shooter while he chased Trayvon down and shot him.  He claimed “self-defense,” and nothing further was done.

There was recently a shooting of a promising elite high school basketball player, Tayshana Murphy, being shot in her own projects over a case of “mistaken identity.”  I’m sure you all remember Sean bell shooting, where police violently shot an unarmed man multiple times, killing him.

I’m not here (today) to talk about white on black violence, or black on white violence, or any of the races…. The point is not about race, it’s about principle.  It’s about standing up against senseless violence…NO MATTER WHO IT IS!

Why does this continue to happen? The simple answer is….because we let it.  You might say “I had nothing to do it with it,” but you’d be wrong.  Because you do.  We as a society allow these things to happen by doing nothing to prevent it, sweeping it under the rug when it does calling it “an isolated incident,” and putting our focus on other things.

We now live in a society where our “entertainment” is watching dysfunctional people make fools of themselves on “reality TV.”  There’s nothing real about it.  We allow ourselves to focus on what our favorite celebrity is dating or doing rather than what’s happening in our world.  We love shows and movies filled with profanity, sex, and violence.  We justify it by saying it’s just entertainment.

We don’t realize it’s not just “entertainment,” it’s poison.  It corrupts our thoughts, our minds, our hearts, and shifts are moral scale.  Case in point….Think about TV ten years ago.  There were very few cuss words you could say, and the ones you could say, had to be after 10pm.  Look at TV Today! You can show anything and pretty much say anything, all day.  Why? Because we allowed ourselves to slowly become immune to what we saw and gradually the level of what’s “acceptable” slid down the moral scale.

Why is this? Because we didn’t do anything.  We never stood up and said, enough is enough, I won’t support this.  I promise you, if everyone stopped watching garbage reality TV, the networks would pull it off the air quick! They play it because you watch it.  Therefore, you allow it.

The same goes with our society.  If enough people stand up against something, change can be made.  If enough people say, we will not allow senseless violence, and we will actively pursue just punishments for those guilty, violence will decrease.  I’m not naïve enough to think violence will ever end, but it can DEFINITELY be severely reduced.

How? By DOING SOMETHING.  STAND UP For a cause. You’re cause doesn’t have to be stopping violence, but you should have a cause you stand for, and stand for it vehemently.  We are called as Christians to spread GOOD and stop evil.

Real quick, let me point out, when I say DO Something, I mean TRULY do something.  Don’t fall into the mindset of modern society and think that “liking” a Facebook post or “retweeting” a #StopThisBadStuff tweet is actually solving anything.  Don’t be one of the 99% of those people who just wants to “appear” passionate by talking on social sites but do nothing, like everyone did with #StopKony last week. Do SOMETHING.

Organize awareness groups for your cause. Write your senator.  Make A T-Shirt. Donate money or time to an organization that supports your cause.  Better yet, START YOUR OWN organization.  DO SOMETHING.

You and only you are responsible for the society in which you live in.  If we all change our households toward the positive, and then spread to our neighbors, and then to our communities, and then to our cities….the next thing you know, we’ve changed the world.

Don’t allow another tragic Trayvon Martin event happen. Do Something!

Remember, the worst thing you can do for a good cause is to do nothing at all.


PS. Follow Jhasmin on Twitter, Facebook, and Her Website.  I can’t wait for ya’ll too see the official video for the song and to hear the song in it’s entirety.  While you’re at it, GO HERE to purchase the DONT SHOOT T-shirt and show your support for those standing up against senseless violence.


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