Ray Lewis Isn’t the Bad Guy

“For in the same manner you judge others, you will be judged.”
– Matthew 7:2

It’s Super Bowl week, Ravens vs. 49ers…two elite championship teams, so what do we focus on? Do we focus on the hard work and journey each team took this season to get there? Do we focus on the AFC and NFC championship games from a week ago?

No. Now all of the sudden, everyone is vehemently against Ray Lewis for an incident that happened over a decade ago.  Now all of the sudden he’s a “murderer?” Though he never went to Trial, was never even charged with murder? But in the eyes of the public, he’s still a murderer who’s an evil human being?

Before you start pointing at Ray Lewis, think about a few things.

First, ironically it’s the fellow “Christians” who seem to be pointing fingers the most and condemning Ray the hardest, which sickens me. However, since you are perfect and can indeed throw the first stone, let’s look at some facts.

A man commits adultery.  He then gets the lady pregnant and sends her husband to be killed in War to cover up his sins.  If that happened today, we would be talking about this man in the news.  However, God said this man is a “man after his own heart.” Consequently, today we all love the Psalms of David.

He was actually guilty, but we look at all the good he did right? But not Ray?

Situation Two.  A man hates Christians.  He goes town to town, city to city, literally pulling Christians out of homes and churches and watching them be murdered for being Christian.  If that happened today, we would go to war with that “Terrorist.”  However, that man Saul, Who became Paul, is the largest contributor to the New Testament that we love and read today.

Paul was admittedly Guilty, but we focus on all the good he did right? But Not Ray?

Why is Ray, who wasn’t even tried, much less proven guilty, not admired for how he’s turned his life around since being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Why do we label Ray a hypocrite for his Faith and outspokenness about his faith?  We’re mad because he turned his life around and is using his second chance to spread God’s word?

Since when did this become a bad thing? Since when did we start looking at pasts, creating our own details of events that didn’t involve us, and ignore a person’s good deeds?  I know plenty of people in worse conditions, who still don’t hear the Voice of God or change their ways, why can’t we celebrate someone who does? Why do we ignore all the of the charities and causes Ray Stands for, or the fact he has been a beacon of what an athlete should be both on and off the field since that day?  What happened to supporting fellow Christians? What happened to letting God be the Judge?

If the Ravens weren’t in the Super Bowl, Ray’s past wouldn’t even be in the media.  However, since Ray has overcome tremendous odds, came back in the same season from a torn TRICEP, led his team to a Super Bowl in his last game…we Try and verbally crucify him?

Remember what happened the Last time an innocent Man was crucified?

Maybe Ray’s Incident 13 years ago isn’t what you hate. Maybe you hate the fact that Ray made a mistake, turned His life around and became a tool for God’s Plan just like David and Paul…. and you continue to sit there and do nothing.


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Baylor Barbee
Baylor Barbee
Author. Performance Development Speaker. Triathlete.

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  1. Jason says:

    If you watch the inside the NFL show that was done on Ray at the beginning of the season, you can tell he’s real. Made me tear up when he described how God got a hold of him. Sitting in the jail cell after being arrested for the murders, he heard a voice that clearly asked “Do I have your attention now”. I feel like I’ve heard that a few times, and each time it’s gotten louder. So that struck personally with me. I’ve talked to guys who played with Ray and they say he’s the real deal. I know works don’t get us to heaven, but the work this man does off the field is tremendous and shows Christ.

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