See My Heart Not My Past (The Rehab Time Story)

You’ve seen it everywhere, proudly displayed on t-shirts of Pro-bowl athletes, real world celebrities, all the way to Orphans in Africa; from wristbands to a sure soon to be best-selling book….I’m talking about “See My Heart not My Past.”  Everyone loves it, but we always get asked “what does it mean?”

Before you can delve into what it means, you have to know where it came from.  I think life and people should be treated that way, too often we rush to conclusions and assumptions on people because they do things differently, without stopping to see what influences they had that made them the way they are.

A lot of people think that Rehab Time and “See My Heart” was some mastermind plan with a huge marketing budget and a PR Firm spinning it to make it popular.  That couldn’t be further from the Truth.  Everything about See My Heart Not My Past and Rehab Time is a testament to God and the blessings and doors He will open if you live right.

Three years ago today we launched “” but even then we never knew it would turn into this.  Our Goal was not to get hundreds of Thousands of Social Media Followers and grace famed shows like TBN, walk red carpets, sell best-selling books or any of that, our goal was this….be authentic, live right.  We were heavy into music (and still are) but we were making the wrong kind of music, and were wildly successful at it, but something was missing.  Trent and I both felt the voice that I’m sure many of you hear that says “This is wrong, change your ways.”

You can ignore it as long as you want, but it won’t leave.  One day we made a conscious decision to change for the better.  No demeaning women in songs, no rap facades, just truth, just be us.  People flocked to it.  We would do ustream videos and just be honest with people who assumed our lives were fairytales because we performed music in front of thousands of people and Trent was in the NFL.  By being honest, especially in rap, would almost certaintly be deemed career suicide.  I Never would have thought what the world needed was honesty, when everything in the world says “lie” and “fake it tiil you make it” to get ahead.  But we did.  And people loved it.

One day I made a beat and sent it to Trent and he recorded to it and sent it back.  You can listen to it here.

Around the 1 minute mark you hear the line “Please see my heart, baby girl not my past.”  A great line yes, but everything he was writing then was great too.  A few months later I was listening to the song, while going through a tough breakup of 4 years and that line, though I had heard the song dozens of times, jumped out at me.

I told Trent, man there’s something about that line.  He, was dealing with his own situations, and I guess at that time, while we were both at low’s in life….it really struck a chord with us. (Funny how God’s timing is perfect, He orchestrated that wonderfully) So we made a shirt.

I think we printed a few; it wasn’t a grand scheme to sell the thousands of shirts that are out there today, it wasn’t even for sale.  It was just a few people, who had changed their ways, and wanted people we had hurt or who knew us when we were more on the “self-centered, conceited” side, to see us for who we are not who we were.

This is where faith comes in.  We started living the right way, and God opened people’s eyes, ears, and hearts to what we were doing.  “See My Heart Not my Past” Struck a chord with everyone because most of us have someone we’ve lost or were different in our past and want to be seen for who we are, we’ve all made mistakes.  Or some of us were something great before, and those days have passed and we want to be seen as a person not an icon or idol.  Whatever the reason may be, we all want to be seen for who we are not what or who we were.

We started speaking from the heart, in person, on social media etc.  God opened people’s hearts to it.  They say too be successful, if you do the opposite of everyone else, you’ll usually be successful.  The more negative the world was, the more positive we became.  The more the world drank and partied, the more we focused on improving ourselves and situations.  I’m not saying we were or are angels, we all fall short of the glory of God, but we did and still do everything in our power to progress daily.  God sees your heart, He knows your motives.  We started writing books, literally us, no ghost writers, no publishing houses, just Me, Trent, and Microsoft Word.   We had no formal speaking training, didn’t even bother to read up on “how you should write a book,” because we knew one thing was for certain.  The Truth is the Truth always.  People might not like the Truth, but they need it, and they want it.

Over these three years it’s blown up to what it is now.  Ironically, life is cyclical.  People now think “Oh you have it easy, you get to write books and speak for a living,” but they don’t see the hard work that goes into this.  They see your books and merchandise everywhere, but they don’t see the late night meetings and calls we have til 4 am as we figure out what we can do to truly help people change their lives.  People see the Workouts are effective, but they don’t see the cold winters and hot summer days we spent creating these workouts and all the crazy things such as doing workouts on broken escalators to see if there was something that could be created that could maximize time and efficiency in a workout.  People see Rehab Time on TV and News and think it’s all fun and games because we do it with a smile, but they don’t see the Death threat emails you get from mad guys because you open girls eyes up to how they are being mistreated.  People see the thousands of followers on twitter and Facebook, but they don’t’ see the messages and sneak disses of people calling you a devil worshipper because you believe that being positive is a bad thing or the setups from females who try and bait you into not being who you say you are.

In fact, the funny thing is, people think if they copy what you say, then they can get to where you at. But here’s why it will never work, they don’t LIVE IT.  Rehab Time succeeds and will continue to flourish because it’s in our DNA, it’s who we are, and we live by that creed and standard we encourage others to live by.  No matter what you’re trying to do, if it’s not who you really are, people will see through it.  You may gain followers for saying cool quotes, but you’ll lose them just as fast when they see the façade.  We do it because it’s right, not because it makes you popular.  If I had 10 followers instead of 67,000 I’d still be tweeting the same positive and faith based tweets.  Because I’m not in it to get popular.  I’m in it to hopefully change one live, every day, and bring one more person closer to God.

People that used to be with us and started their own “Christian Motivation” companies ask us how we “get so many followers.”  I shake my head every time, because they are missing the point.  Life is about living out God’s will for you, aka your purpose, it’s not about popularity.  The same people that put you on a pedestal, will be the ones throwing stones to knock you off of it, so why focus on that?  We focus on putting out quality material that can change our lives, our loved ones lives, and those who want to better their lives, and in turn create a culture that will outlive Myself, Trent, or anyone reading this blog now.

To be great, you have to fight the urge to be great.  You have to give your best to TODAY, and TODAY only. Every time the calendar says “today,” you have to give your best, and that’s what we do.  We do it because it’s what we’re called to do, not because of the status it gives you.  If It were about popularity, Vincent Van Gogh wouldn’t have kept painting.  He only sold one painting during his life, to a family member who felt sorry for him.  But Vincent Van Gogh didn’t paint to be popular, He painted because that was the gift God gave Him and He honored God by utilizing it.  He’ll never know it, but his work is now in the most famous museums and palaces in the world and each piece sells for millions of dollars.  His purpose was bigger than popularity.

It truly has to be in you.  Every second of every day.  See My Heart and Not My past is in me, everyday; rehab time is in me every day.  There’s no on/off switch.  It affects my choices when I eat, it affects how hard I work out, and how I handle situations and people in my business dealings.

When you live right and commit to a cause, not for fame, not for money, but because it’s your Purpose and you’re doing God’s work, God opens doors, HUGE DOORS.  Doors you could never have fathomed if you tried to “plan.”  I’m all for setting a direction to go, but I laugh when people “plan out everything.” To me, that’s belittling what God can do for your life.  We lived right and God started bringing people into our lives who are truly as committed as us and the Rehab Time Team grew.  I could talk for Days about the blessings and doors God has opened for us because we do His work, but there’s not enough ink in a print cartridge for you to print it out and read it.   Just by listening and  doing what God asks us to do, we’ve been able to reach people worldwide, be seen and heard by millions of people, speak at Fortune 500 companies, help kids, prevent suicides, save marriages, and all kinds of things….not because we were Preachers or Saints, in fact, on paper, we were the opposite.  We were NFL/Hip-Hop artists, pushing the party agenda, I was as cocky as cocky could be, Trent has dread locks and sleeve tattoos….not exactly who you’d “expect” to come to your school or church and deliver a message.

But that’s what’s great about God.  He doesn’t care about worldly stereotypes.  He doesn’t care what Saul did, He cared about how Paul could use his story to help people.  He didn’t hold it against Baylor Barbee that he ruined a relationship with a wonderful Girl because I cared more about myself, money, and notoriety than the relationship…God cared that I could use my wrongdoings to help prevent others from making my mistakes.  God didn’t care that Trent Shelton had the premier nightlife event and party company in the metroplex or that we made “worldly music” that people could drink and party too….He cared that people would listen to Trent because of his appearance, and speak the words that God Put on his Heart….

Do you get it? God doesn’t see Pasts, He See’s Hearts.  Don’t you think you should do the same?

See My Heart Not My Past Forever.

Baylor Barbee

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Baylor Barbee
Baylor Barbee
Author. Performance Development Speaker. Triathlete.

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